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Robuust! - Specialty food store - Antwerpen (BE)

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Robuust! is the first packaging free store in Belgium! The idea? Precycling! Robuust tackles the problem of waste at the root by taking packaging out of the production process. This allows us to save natural resources, decrease the amount of CO2 produced, decrease the amount of leftovers and overall waste bags. Moreover, as locally produced goods are always our first choice, it stimulates the local economy!


Robuust is so much more than just a store, Robuust sells a way of life! Being the first store in Belgium going by this concept, Robuust wants to actively show clients how a sustainable lifestyle can be fun, time-saving, cost-effective and generally refreshing.


At Robuust you'll find: seasonal fruits & vegetables, dry foods such as rice, pasta, sugar, tea and coffee but also dairy products and beverages such as beer, wine and natural juices. All organic, all free of packaging! How does it work? It's easy: Bring your own, hygienically cleaned, containers. If it is the first time you shop at Robuust your containers will first be weighed. After, you can fill your containers with the desired products. Pay at the counter. Enjoy your delicious purchases. Come back when you want to refill.


In short, Robuust is your local specialty shop for organic, seasonal and waste-free food. Because every client is different and has different needs, we offer you the freedom to make purchases on your terms. Whether it's extra small quantities or extra large orders, we provide services tailored to your needs.


Delivering high-quality products to customers is extremely important to us! As a result, we hope not only to attract environmentally conscious people, but also anyone who enjoys beautiful, tasty and natural products.


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Reyndersstraat 2/1
2000 Antwerpen
year renovation: 2014
surface: 50 m²
updated: 04/2015


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