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Rebecca Minkoff - Fashion-apparel - New York, Soho (US)

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The Rebecca Minkoff flagship store in New york features apparel and accessories, but it is not an old school experience. They partnered up with eBay for the super-connected retail store however the store does also not feel too tech-centric.


This store wanted to put the fashion before the technology and therefore they took a problem-solution approach to technology. The key pain points they adressed were: the "awkward" interactions between the retailer's stylists and customers; reducing the time consuming task of "discovery" of items that customers might have already seen on Instagram; an unsatisfactory dressing room experience; and finally, the inability of shoppers to keep track of what they tried on.


Before shopping customers can check-in upon arrival through the Rebecca Minkoff mobile app, which enables sales assistants to provide a more personalised shopping experience through access to the shopper’s app profile.


When entering the store, customers are greeted by a giant 122-inch screen that looks like a mirror but doubles as a connected screen that lets shoppers view some of the designer's favorite looks plus footage from runway shows. Users can navigate the touchscreen interface to receive product recommendations and to add items that they like to appear in a fitting room. Instead of waiting around for a room to open up, shoppers can have a text sent to their smartphones when the room is ready. They can, in the meantime, also use their smartphones to order a free drink such as coffee, tea or champagne.


Upon entering the fitting room, an RFID antenna tracks what is brought in to help keep track of what shoppers end up buying and what they discard.The shopper also has a high level of control over the ambient lighting inside the fitting room. If a customer needs a different size, they can alert the stylist from inside the fitting room rather than popping their head out while "half naked. If the stylist puts their iPad down and doesn't get the alert, there's a "bat signal" that lights up at the dressing room to let them know that a customer needs help.


Thanks to the RFID technology store personnel will know whether they have a size and or a color in stock right away.


The store is a retail hub where customers can experience the most advanced and cutting edge technology at the forefront of retail innovation and all in a space that brings the designer’s aesthetic to life.


96 Greene Street
NY 10012 New York, Soho
United States
year renovation: 2014
surface: 200 m²
updated: 01/2015


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