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Glent Shoes - Fashion-footwear - Madrid (ES)

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Glent, a company with 100% Spanish capital, relied on CuldeSac, one of the country’s most renowned design studios, to create a warm, elegant and masculine space that faithfully reflects the values of quality, craftsmanship and innovation, able to surprise even the most demanding buyers.


From its recently inaugurated flagship store in Spain, Glent represents, with its infinite possibilities for customisation and its unique buying experience, the true paradigm of 21st century luxury, while simultaneously providing significant reductions in production times and costs through the use of technology. The project has been well-received since its launch in terms of both the store’s personality and product, especially among foreign visitors, who have a longer tradition of buying custom-made shoes.


Through this project, CuldeSac has optimised and enhanced the profitability of a small 60-square metre space, by transforming it into the ideal setting for stylishness and custom-making, which constitute the essence of Glent Shoes – from 3D measuring of the feet, to the choice of every detail and finish of the design. The shoes produced by Glent are similarly a perfect combination of technology and craftsmanship.


The creative team of CuldeSac Retail has managed to convey the brand’s personality through the use of materials such as wood, leather and metal, combined with an efficient distribution which guides the customer through the different areas and moments of the purchase. At the same time, the space appears to be almost monochrome so that the shoes on display are highlighted in contrast.


The buying experience developed by CuldeSac allows for different routes through the store adapting to every person’s needs and time. During a first visit, the exact measurements of each foot are obtained using the store’s 3D digitiser. Once Glent’s experts have identified the most appropriate foot size and shape, the customer designs their own shoe by selecting the type of leather, sole, colour of the stitching and laces, and even whether to have their initials engraved, or a name, or message on the inside. Four weeks later, customers can collect from the store or have their pair of custom-made shoes delivered to their home. For future purchases, the initial scanning is not necessary as every customer’s foot measurements and shape are recorded in a database.


Words: CuldeSac


Callejón Jorge Juan, 14
28001 Madrid
year renovation: 2014
surface: 60 m²
updated: 02/2015


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