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Begendik Cayyolu Store - Super- & hypermarket - Ankara (TR)

  • Begendik Cayyolu Store
  • Begendik Cayyolu Store
  • Begendik Cayyolu Store
  • Begendik Cayyolu Store


Begendik is one of the first modern local retail chains in Turkey. The brand developed the first large format grocery store, the first barcode system in the market, the first chain store with private label products, and the first customer loyalty cards.


The Cayyolu Store produces their products right before serving them to customers and are sold right away. The store offerings include, but are not limited to, noodles, pastries, chocolates, fresh yogurt and cheeses. Furthermore, the store’s indoor greenhouse grows vegetables and fruits that are cultivated through soilless agriculture and freshly served to customers.


Begendik created a new food retailing approach which dedicates areas of the store to fresh products and quality catering services with a rich cuisine, and a modern soilless agriculture area encouraging healthy alternatives and sustainability. This is a customer–centric and freshness-oriented retailing model.


Each aisle of the Begendik Cayyolu Store is supervised by a subject matter expert. The fish department is supervised by an aquaculture engineer and the produce department is supervised by an agricultural engineer. and fruit and vegetables section under supervision of an agricultural engineer. Special attention has been paid to the restaurant and children’s area of the Begendik Cayyolu Store. A specially designed café includes a kitchen space where parents can prepare food for their children while they are supervised by expert educators on a playground with mini benches and tables and chairs.


Another feature of the Begendik Cayyolu Store is the wide variety of plants throughout the store. A total of 10,000 plants and trees of 300 different varieties including lemon, orange, mandarin, bougainvillea, bergamot and olive trees are in place to offer an expanded experience for the customers. As another first time practice, Begendik launched its express cashier system. This system prevents long queues and waiting lanes by guiding the customers to unoccupied lanes and enabling express purchasing, thus allowing customers a faster check out process.


The aisles in Begendik stores are arranged so that the customers walk at ease even during peak hours. The height of aisles is designed to provide easy access. Other technologically advanced parts of the store include the air conditioning system which is automatically adjusted according to the number of customers in the store.


Words: Ebelsoft Group


Koru Han. Ahmet Taner Kislasi Cad 4
06810 Ankara
year renovation: 2013
surface: 4.000 m²
updated: 03/2015



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