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Articles & reports - Overview

In the internet age store design needs a transformation to real shopping experiences. This imposes breaking with many of the traditional rules of store design, Abercrombie & Fitch is a beautiful...

editor: Malherbe Retail Design
subject: Retail design
video - French
published: 05/2011

As a brief glance at the world’s media will highlight food, and food access is at the heart of some of these issues and so there is perhaps no place where innovation is needed more than within the...

editor: Jack Middleton
subject: Strategy
article - English
published: 08/2011

As part of its search for different ways and formats to reach food and grocery shoppers in South Korea Tesco recently created virtual stores in subway stations in the city of Seoul as a way to try to...

editor: Fresh & Easy Buzz
subject: Strategy
blog post - English
published: 06/2011

Here's a story which illustrates the complementarity of an online store with a physical store. A story that shows the growth opportunity represented by the e-commerce for all city-center...

editor: Ludovic Passamonti
subject: Strategy
blog post - French
published: 12/2011

This concept model for a next-generation vending machine, which features a see through display, is being developed by Sanden, a large manufacturer of vending machines, in conjunction with Okaya...

editor: Diginfonews
subject: Vending machine
video - English
published: 12/2011

Apple goes to great lengths to train its employees at its popular retail stores, tightly managing what feels like a casual consumer experience.

editor: Yukari Kane
subject: Customer relationship
video - English
published: 06/2011

For six months, l'Institut de la Vision in Paris hosts an experimental store of Casino. The company will test a variety of services that will eventually enable the visually impaired to better...

editor: Innovcity
subject: Shopability
video - French
published: 10/2011

Finished the pain of shopping during the weekend. Tomorrow, food shopping will reinvent its taste of pleasure. In the supermarket of the future, we may walk between the shelves with less agressive...

editor: Chantal Houzelle
subject: Shopability
article - French
published: 11/2011

This paper explores the hidden side of loyalty cards by comparing the reality of such schemes with public perceptions. It begins by providing some background to loyalty programs in Australia and the...

editor: S. Worthington
subject: Customer retention
research report - English
published: 12/2009

The Centre for Retail Research was commissioned by Visa Europe to investigate the Store of the Future 2012-15. They interviewed 300 retailers from seven European countries and 1,000 shoppers. The...

editor: Centre for Retail Research
subject: Strategy
research report - English
published: 05/2008


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