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The first worldwide schrinkage survey. After a dip in shrinkage last year (2009-10), shrinkage has risen in the 12-months ending June 2011 as a result of increased shoplifting, higher employee fraud...

editor: Center for Retail Research
subject: Security
research report - English
published: 11/2011

How new technologies are tearing down the barriers between the buyer and the seller, and presenting opportunities for human-to-human interaction, without the barrier, and without the focus on...

editor: JL Watson
subject: Customer relationship
blog post - English
published: 09/2011

To better serve customers with differentiated services, banks are extending applications to mobile platforms such as tablets and smartphones. These new technologies are changing how data and reports...

editor: Georges Tubin
subject: Strategy
research report - English
published: 11/2010

Intel is transforming retail by offering optimized and personalized shopping experiences. Technological innovations from Intel make it possible for merchants to communicate one-on-one with each...

editor: Intel
subject: Shopping experience
advertorial - English
published: 01/2011

Stop-motion animation created using 350 thousand Post-it® notes on the facade of the Galeria Melissa, in São Paulo, Brazil, to launch the Melissa Power of Love spring/summer 2012 collection.Twenty-...

editor: Cesar Cabral
subject: Merchandising
video - English
published: 07/2011

Inside Diesel’s interactive window, which was tied to its “Destroyed” jeans campaign, shoppers could control the weather via a video game that linked to the window set-up. The innovative display...

editor: Diesel
subject: Merchandising
video - English
published: 09/2009

The 2011 issue of the Future of Retail report is designed to inspire anyone involved in creating touchpoints that lead a customer through the purchase path. While there are tremendous changes...

editor: PSFK
subject: Strategy
research report - English
published: 08/2011

Does your store stand for something customers can identify with – and just as easily identify? An investment in your store’s branding efforts may be just the thing to boost awareness, drive traffic...

editor: Martin Roberts
subject: Strategic branding
article - English
published: 10/2006

Changing consumer preferences and the need for speed are complicating the apparel business along the entire value chain. Here's how to deal with the most important challenges.

editor: Achim Berg
subject: Strategy
research report - English
published: 10/2011

Differentiation provides retailers a way to compete against the low-cost provider in the marketplace. For differentiation to be truly effective, it needs to be unique to the broader market — more...

editor: Pat Pape
subject: Strategy
article - English
published: 09/2011


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