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Kom met ons mee naar de Fashion Retail Tour in London op 21 oktober 2013 en ontdek in realtime retail in actie. Volledig volgeboekt!

editor: Retail Square
subject: Learning
advertorial - Dutch
published: 09/2013

According to Kellogg Shopper Index survey, many showrooming shoppers are not driven there by price alone, but by an unsatisfactory in-store experience.

editor: Kellogg - School of Management
subject: Shopper insights
article - English
published: 11/2012

Called The BG Follies of 2012, the Bergdorf Goodman windows were inspired by entertainments such as the Ziegfeld Follies, Vaudeville revues and Busby Berkeley’s Hollywood musicals of the 1930s. They...

editor: Retail Square
subject: Visual merchandising
photos - English
published: 12/2012

Carrefour has opened its first virtual store in the Lyon Part-Dieu railway station. A sort of cube covered with photos of 300 products, all accompanied by a barcode so that transit passengers can...

editor: Jacques Bertin
subject: Shopping experience
article - French
published: 12/2012

Internet or not, stores will never disappear from the streets. You should just create fun so that customers come to you. There are plenty of opportunities for retailers to ensure that consumers have...

editor: Carin Frijters
subject: Shopping experience
book - Dutch
published: 11/2012

The concept of Pop-Up Store is now transforming into a viable strategy that has a life beyond the holiday season rush.

editor: David E. Berliner
subject: Strategic branding
article - English
published: 01/2011

Motivated shop staff is a must for the survival of an independent store. Independent shops can indeed no longer distinguish themselves purely in terms of modal quality and service. What is the secret...

editor: Luc Ardies
subject: Human resources
book - Dutch
published: 07/2012

Each fitting room comes with a paradox. It is the main retail space because customers decide here whether or not a purchase. But at the same time it takes up valuable space on the product. This...

editor: Barbara Daelemans
subject: Shopability
article - Dutch
published: 01/2012

How to prepare as a retailer for 2020. Offline, online shopping or channelless shopping, multichannel communication will dominate retail.

editor: Imagine2012
subject: Strategy
video - Dutch
published: 04/2012

European brand Pimkie’s new color forecast makes it possible to check out trending colors in the world’s most fashionable cities — Paris, Milan, and Antwerp — using color detection technology. There...

editor: Senay Gokcen
subject: Customer relationship
blog post - English
published: 04/2012


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